Local PPC Management Tricks

Google Adwords is a great way to quickly generate leads for your local business but if done incorrectly it can consume the budget quickly resulting in low or no ROI (Return on Investment) at all. Getting quick leads is very important for business serving a local area. What most advertisers fail to notice is that there are certain tricks that you can use to get better results out of your campaign. Today, I am going to list them down, use them to improve ROI of your local ppc campaign.

Account Structure

Most local businesses have limited number of services/ products to offer, so start with a lower number of campaign and group your keywords in Adgroups based on slight difference they may have.

Call Extensions

You can use call extensions with your text ads which will show your phone numbers with your ads to a mobile device. A potential customer can directly call by clicking on the call extension without even visiting the website. Now this is great for local businesses as most of the customers just want a contact number to connect directly to the business.

Call Only Campaign

You can even setup a call only campaign. Just like call extensions these are very useful for local businesses but call only takes it even a step higher by showing your phone number directly in the headline of the ad and when user clicks on your ad from their mobile device a call will be placed instead of a visit to your website.


A lot of users will still want to visit the website to know more about your business before calling up. Sitelinks are extra clickable addons in your text ads, wherein you can show links to your important pages directly with your ad. For example, you can show link to testimonials page of your website.

Location Extensions

If you have a Google My Business account, then you can even show your location with your ads.

Negative Keywords

Always take a look at the search terms that people are using and then add un-necessary keywords as negative. This will help Google refine your campaign and your ads will not be shown on the terms you’ve marked as negative.

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