Top 5 Tips for Effective Local Ads Management

Have you wondered why your local Ads are as effective as you expected them to be? Or why your competitor dominate every ad position be it Search ads or the one with maps?

We all have been there, and the answer is simple – Optimization. Local PPC management service should definitely include a well framed plan of optimizing the campaign for target location. When well optimized a local campaign can be more effective compared to a national or international campaign as local buyers will have more faith in a business having a presence in their area.

Let’s learn a few tips which can help you well optimize your local campaign.

  1. Long Trail Keywords

Long trail keywords (keywords with 3 or more words) have proven to be more effective as your location name will be included and will help people searching for in your area. For example a keyword “shredding services + area” will help your ad being served to people searching for the keyword in your area.

And if you have the exact keyword included in your Ad’s Headline it will also help the potential buyer to identify and relate to your business.


2. Add Location Extension

Extensions are one of the best ways to optimize your Search ads and location extension can prove to be very beneficial for local campaign.

First you need to have a Google My Business account linked to your Adwords account, after which your location will be eligible to show with any text ad in your account.


3. Prepare Adgroup based on locations

If you’re targeting more than one city/ location its best to group all keywords and ads related to one location in one Adgroup


4. Call Extension

Call extensions help display your phone number with your ads, using which smart phone users can call your business directly


5. Add Negative Keywords

Negative keywords help prevent your ads from showing up when someone uses the word you’ve mentioned as negative. It is important if you want to prevent your ads from being shown in areas that you might not serve in your target location.

Amit Jha

Amit is Founder and CEO of Internet Market Today, an online marketing agency based in Janakpur Nepal, excelling in services like SEO, PPC, SMO etc.

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